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HI ID :  HIID    Mem.ID :  MemID
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SPOC NO : 7303787279    Call Center No : 8450957103
Toll Free No : 1800220102
Valid upto: Open (Subject to policy Renewal).
An ISO 9001:2000 Co.
Card is issued for Identification purpose only
1) This card is the property of Health India TPA services Pvt Ltd. & valid for TPA network hospitals & not transferable.
2) This card should be used in accordance with the terms of the policy.
3) Non photo id card, Ration Crad or I Card issued by employer.
4) TPA will pay the medical bills for treatment which is covered under policy & authorization has been alreadytaken. In case of emergency hospitalization, the authorization letter can be issued with in 24 hrs.
5) Treatment which is not covered under policy or expenses above suminsured or which has not authorized or treatment taken in non network hospitals, in these caeses the payment will be made by the pateint only.
6) For any assistance please call on numbers mentioned below.
Health India TPA Services Pvt Ltd.
Anand Commercial Co. Compound, 103-B, LBS Marg, Gandhinagar,Vikroli (W)-Mumbai-83 Email:
Contact : 022-66867575/ 76,Fax :(+91)-7666136699,Mob : +919222276022,Toll Free No.: 1800220102
Valid upto: Open (Subject to policy Renewal).

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